Module 10: MapReduce DataTypes and Formats


Module 10: MapReduce DataTypes and Formats : Available : Private (Length 77 Minutes)
      1.Serialization In Hadoop
      2. Hadoop Writable and Comparable
      3. Hadoop RawComparator and Custom Writable
      4. MapReduce Types and Formats
      5. Understand Difference Between Block and InputSplit
      6. Role of RecordReader
      7. FileInputFormat
      8. ComineFileInputFormat and Processing whole file Single Mapper
      9. Each input File as a record
    10. Text/KeyValue/NLine InputFormat
    11. BinaryInput processing
    12. MultipleInputs Format
    13. DatabaseInput and Output
    14. Text/Biinary/Multiple/Lazy OutputFormat MapReduce Types

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